Fancy Dress Costumes for Halloween 2019

If you love Halloween you know that it is never too early to start preparing for this incredible time of the year. Sure, there might be those who believe that 2019 is eons away but there are many others who have learned from experience that sometimes, you simply find yourself without any ideas, even though the time to get a costume is already there. To make sure that this does not happen to you, starting early is the key. However, many might wonder, how is it possible to determine what or who will be popular in 2019 or any future year for that matter. The truth is that a simple deduction will help in that domain and this process, in this case, is rarely wrong. With that in mind, here is a list of ideas for popular fancy dress costumes for Halloween 2019.

Aquaman Costume

Aside from the comic book geeks, this superhero might have been in the domains of unknown to the general audience. But, a few movie cameos and an upcoming single feature movie will make it into a big superhero star. Choosing this type of costume for the next season early on might be just the right move for anyone who wants to be noticed as being in all the new trends.

French Maid Costume

There is no wrong time to get into the Halloween costumes if you have a French Maid dress costume. This sexy choice has been a hit for many generations and the upcoming season will be no different. The whole reason for the success of this costume is its humor, simplicity and overall stunning good looks if the right person wears it. But, even if the costume is worn as a joke by someone who does not look at least a little bit like a gorgeous maid, it still works on the humor side of the costume. Thanks to this, it can be easily said that popular fancy dress costumes for Halloween 201 should include a nice French Maid option.

Donald Trump

This costume is exceedingly simple but no one can say it will not be a smash hit even in 2019. There is little what anyone should do to get the well-known Don’s look – ordinary blue suit, red tie and that recognizable set of orange hair. There is going to be plenty of demand for this costume in the said year and a bit of a chance it will be more successful than ever, unlike or just because of its famous role model.


The vintage monster for books, films, TV shows, and video games is a horror classic and this continues to be true from generation to generation. In the upcoming season, the same fact will not change and its use is a guaranteed patch to costume success. What is needed to spice things up a bit is a piece or two of some modern clothing, like a hoodie or a sports jacket. In that case, the well-known figure of this classic monster will be even more fun.

Anyone of these costumes can be a smash hit for the Halloween season of 2019, so simply make your pick and get it sooner than anyone else.